purpose and nature

In childhood, dreaming of a dog, I often imagined myself proudly walking with a dog on a leash. When I got the dog, I didn’t need a leash. Dinara, a…

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A little bit about the history of the breed
The name of the breed does not mean at all that for the first time this dog was seen on the American continent. This breed essentially does not have a…

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In the pack of wolves (in fact, this family) reigns peace and harmony. The young generation with tenderness and understanding is brought up in conditions of minimum restrictions, there are…

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The purpose and nature of the pit bull

If you want a faithful companion, a devoted friend – the pit bull is able to embody all these qualities. He can be an excellent guard for your home, a bodyguard for you and for your children. The animal can perfectly live both in a city apartment and in a private house, it is important not to keep it on a chain. This dog is a good companion with great energy and activity. Continue reading

Dry food

You should buy premium food, not economy, as there are many dyes and flavors in cheap food. Giving dry food can be soaked in broth or in natural form. If you acquired a puppy that the owners fed in this way, then you should continue to do so. What kind of food is better, you will determine yourself over time, it is not necessary to stick to the brand that the former owners of the dog advise you.
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What to feed the pit bull puppies at home

Pit Bull Terrier is a sporty and powerful dog that requires special treatment. For this breed, there are separate approaches of education and rules of conduct. There are also feeding habits of these dogs. Feeding such a dog can not be allowed to flow. Pitbull must be strong, agile and energetic.
A healthy dog ​​looks a bit dry, well muscled and without a drop of excess weight. His stomach should be pulled in, and the waist should be narrowed around the ribs. Only proper feeding can provide him with the right look and shape. What are the features of feeding the American Pit Bull Terrier? Continue reading

Temperament of the American Pit Bull Terrier

In William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Prospero addresses Caliban: “The devil, the born devil, you can never change your nature.”
The aforementioned is the very argument that is used by those who seek to destroy the APBT breed, including through legislation.
IMPORTANT: Judges must first turn their attention to temperament, compliance with the standard and health, and only after that do the placement in the breed ring. Continue reading


The history of our breed according to various sources has more than 300 years. Entertainment in England and Ireland was extremely popular, such as blowing dogs with bears and bulls and dogs among themselves. The main purpose of the same ancient bulldogs was the protection of homes and hunting for the most dangerous and strong wild animals. In one of the paintings of Rubens, who worked in the 16th century, we can see an episode of such a hunt for a wild boar. The shape of the dogs, depicted with the master’s brush, is similar to the appearance of a modern pit bull. Together with immigrants from the Old World, the Bulldogs came to America. The breed did not yet have an official name, and the owners called their dogs Bulldogs and Pit Dogs, Pit Terriers and Bull Terriers. Continue reading

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Pit Bull Terrier Health
Pit bull terriers can not be called long-livers and healthy people. Inbreeding (closely related crossbreeding to consolidate breed qualities) leads to the transmission of genetic diseases by inheritance, therefore pit…


Pitbull: a few common breed myths
In many countries there are prohibitions or restrictions on the content of pit bulls. Public resentment against these dogs usually flares up after another tragedy involving the pit bulls. But…


Child aggression
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For all the years of walking a free pack in the city, there was only one pokus, and because of a misunderstanding between a dog and a man, and in…