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UKC CH PR Oregon's Cognac' And Cream
UKC Champion PR Oregon's Cognac And Cream

( pictured at 9 months of age )
Littermate to UKC Ch. PR Oregon's Brave Heart - "Gibson"

' Cc '
Color: Cream and White


DNA-VIP Pennhip .29/.33 OFAca Clear (cardiologist)

OFAca Clear (cardiologist) , OFApa Normal, CGC

R.I.P. Our Beloved Cc

You will never be forgotten

The Facts Are The Truth .. Debbie Beard Is A Liar

Aug 2008 we gave Debbie Beard the privilege to own two of our retired Champion dogs. *Lilly and Cc were placed for free on a strict agreement with TIM and DEBBIE BEARD of Madras Oregon. We were lied to and led to believe that Debbie Beard was **not a breeder, but a pet lover. We felt this would of been the perfect retirement home for our beloved girls. Debbie Beard assured us in updates that everything was "working out great with the dogs" aside from a little yard fight that her dog SADIE started which had left Cc's belly "ripped up" in what Debbie Beard descrbed as "border-line" needing stitches. Aside from that I was led to believe that "everything was great and that Cc recovered from the fight". Throughout this time multiple requests were made by me asking Debbie Beard to email pictures of the dogs, Debbie Beard failed to email any pictures, always giving an excuse why she couldnt send us pictures. Yet, later it was found out that she was posting pictures on an online classifieds. When a home visit was requested, we were told that we would have to wait because "Cc has gone for a month up in the woods elk hunting with Tim" at that time we were given a phony home address by Debbie Beard.

The day that Cc was to return from her 'hunting trip' we recieved a voice message stating that Cc was suppossedly KILLED while in Debbie Beard's loving care.

We have made multiple requests asking for Cc's body for necropsy, which I would pay for - Debbie Beard refuses to give us the location of the Cc's body. Why?

Debbie Beard went on and stated that "Cc died in her sleep." from what she determined herself as "heart failure". Debbie Beard wants us to believe that Cc was "running and playing hard all day" then "curled up to sleep" and "died in her sleep". THIS IS NOT TRUTH. Little did they know at the time that Cc was OFA cardiac clear by a board certified cardiologist.

In the cardiologist's own words.. the cause of death as described by Debbie Beard is "Highly unlikely and NOT PROBABLE". Since this incident we have obtained proof of Debbie Beard's previous scams and unethical behavior.. many, many more lies have surfaced regarding this dispicable person.

Where is Cc's BODY? Debbie Beard will not give us that answer.

Therefore we have strong reason to believe that Cc may be alive and hidden somewhere, possibly scared up and/or used for breeding. We are offering a $1,000 reward to anyone that knows of Cc's whereabouts and information that leads us to the safe return of our dog Cc. No questions asked.

* When we recovered Lilly she had multiple small scars on her head that are consistant to dog fighting.

** Debbie Beard's true intentions have since been proven by her actions. She is nothing more then a BYB producing sub-standard, pet quality puppies for sale in order to pay her bills. She claims that she is working along side some great breeders and now going by the name Desert Vue Pit Bulls.

If you know of any defamatory statements made by Debbie Beard regarding us, our dogs or our practices - including documentation ie; emails. Please contact us.

We strongly regret placing our dogs in Debbie Beard's care... Had we not been misled and lied to, this would never of happened. Please, PLEASE do thorough background checks when placing your dogs, including driver's license and social security numbers. Had I known who Debbie Beard really was and known the truth about her past - there is no way that I would of allowed her near any of my dogs.




Cc is the Dam of
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