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What the breeder needs to know about the pit bull breed
A powerful dog with a large build immediately gives an idea of ​​the fighting spirit. That is why the pit bull undeservedly ranked among the warlike animals. Although it should…

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A little bit about the history of the breed
The name of the breed does not mean at all that for the first time this dog was seen on the American continent. This breed essentially does not have a…

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Breeds unrecognized FCI
When I began to be interested in breeds, unrecognized FTsI, I realized that, in essence, breeds not recognized by FTsI are MORE than recognized ones. Virtually every country in the…

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It might not even be worth separating the behavior of the dog into stressful and switched. In the end, they are often strongly interrelated, it is stress that is the cause of the switched behavior. As a matter of fact, a dog that is under stress and not having the ability to relieve stress with adequate behavior, and unable to withstand the internal stress, SWITCHES its actions to an object in no way related to the source of stress.
Recently, the word Adequate (and inadequate) characterizing the behavior and reactions of people and dogs has spread. Adequate means “appropriate” – when the responses correspond to the strength of the stimulus and the behavior corresponds to the situation as we imagine it. If, from our point of view, the manifestations of reactions do not correspond to the situation, the behavior (and the person) is characterized as inadequate. Continue reading


People most often take a dog from the street spontaneously, succumbing to an emotional impulse, in the case when the animal is in dire need and often in a critical situation. The situation is somewhat different when the dog is taken from the previous owners or from the shelter. As a rule, there is no expense for minutes and hours, the dog is in relative safety, more or less taken care of it. Therefore, you have time to think over your decision, in the case of a positive one – to prepare everything so that coming into a new house, into a new family, is passed with the least possible stress for the dog and for you. Continue reading


There are hundreds of books about puppy rearing. But to find the literature devoted to the adoption of an adult dog is almost impossible. The huge lack of objective information very often leads to prejudice and fear of people taking the “abandoned” dog from the shelter. And the fact that you take an adult dog with an established character carries its advantages. And the disadvantages are easily overcome, if you are ready for them and know how to cope with them.
If you are reading this topic, it means your heart is capable of more than on duty sympathetic phrases or one-time financial assistance. Perhaps you are thinking about providing shelter, care and affection for an abandoned dog, or maybe a dog from the street has already appeared in your house. Then this topic is for you.
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Peaceful coexistence of a dog and child

Dogs are by nature social animals. They live not one by one, but in flocks-families, where together they bring up the younger generation. And dogs related to children with tenderness and patience are very, very much. You just need to take steps to ensure that family relations evolve harmoniously before the appearance of the child in the house. You will have time: while the child sleeps peacefully for most of the day in bed, it does not represent a strong stress factor for the dog. Stress will begin when the paths of the baby and dogs begin to intersect in the narrow space of the apartment.
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In relation to adults, dogs rarely show dominant aggression, because without objection they recognize the superiority of man. But with respect to children, dominant aggression, unfortunately, is not so rare. As mentioned above, puppies in the pack and the children in the family (however unpleasant it may be for the parents) are at the bottom of the ranger ladder, and you cannot appoint them as chief ones over the dog. So simply laid the order of things: children must obey, their elders must protect and teach. Continue reading

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Differences of Pit Bull Terrier from American Staffordshire Terrier
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Some stories about the bull terrier breed
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Temperament of the American Pit Bull Terrier
In William Shakespeare's The Tempest, Prospero addresses Caliban: "The devil, the born devil, you can never change your nature." The aforementioned is the very argument that is used by those…